Friday, April 06, 2007

We have a READER!

We are SO proud! Last night Zack read "Go Dog, Go!" to us. ALL BY HIMSELF. I've been hoping and hoping that the kids love to read. He was beaming that we were so proud! He even got words like light and night no problem. There are adults I know here in Virginia who can't figure out those pesky gh combinations!

May 8th - edited to add - Zack has started the A/R (accelerated reader) program at school. There is an enormous list of books that he can take out from the library and then take a quiz on once he's read. The quizes are cumulative for the year. Once he gets so many points he gets an award. Most kids don't usually start this until First Grade. He's quite proud of himself. I think Brooke started A/R in Kindergarten too. We're growing readers down here in Virginia, trying to counteract the accent and typical redneck education.

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