Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Family Time

My Mom, brother, and niece (otherwise known as Connie, Tim, & Nadia) came to visit last week. Tim had never been down here before so we had a great time showing him around. The kids kept everyone busy and got tons of swim time. We went to Great Wolf Lodge on Sunday the 17th. We even got my Mom on water slides, unfortunately there weren't any pictures to prove it. After the initial shock, she admitted that it was fun! We went to the beach and Matt took Tim to a Tides game. The last night that they were in town we met up with my favorite photographer Jessica at the beach and had a really fun photo session. We mostly laughed at all the silly stuff she had us do. Skyler, the model in training, was a complete PIA and was NOT interested in having her pics done. That's a typical model's attitude though right?

There are tons more, but you can probably only look at so many before getting sick of our faces!


  1. Great pic....but poor Matt, buried under all those Murphy genes!

  2. These are great pictures! What fun! Happy 4th of July. Daina


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