Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Zachary's Big News

Zack's last day of Kindergarten is tomorrow. Sniff Sniff. My baby is about to be an official full-day school kid and he is SO excited. The most exciting part about first grade? Eating lunch in the cafeteria. What could be better than that? I didn't think he'd be so excited about it since he figured out how to charge (yes CHARGE) breakfast within a month or two of school starting. "Hello Mrs. Molnar? Yes, Zachary's cafeteria account has a balance of..." Anyway, he's been pretty determined to get on the tooth that his teacher has posted on the bulletin board for each child who loses a tooth. We had two weeks left and they were ticking away when that stubborn loose tooth was just hanging there. Matt held on, Zachary moved his head, and out it popped:

The tooth fairy visited that evening and left $5.00 and a note. AND Zack got his name on the big tooth before the end of the school year!

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  1. wow I wish I had Zack's tooth fairy. Mine only left me a buck. Way to go Zack!!!!


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