Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The kids end up in our bed A LOT! Zack has nightmares most nights and Skyler has reverted to babyhood. She just wants to snuggle in the middle, every night. She's also fond of having her head on your pillow and sleeping face to face, noses touching. Zack on the other hand would prefer if you would keep to YOUR side of YOUR bed. Most nights we play musical beds and I barely notice who's sleeping where anymore.

So last night Zack has a nightmare and comes flying in to my bed. I let him in but insist that he gets in the middle because I'm tired of being squished between Matt and whomever is visiting. He grumbles but climbs in. A little while later he informs me that he's going back to his own bed, clearing the way for visitor number two one hour later.

The next morning I ask Zack about his nightmare, he tells me and then says that he tried to sleep with us but he had to go back to his own room because it was too loud. He said "Daddy was snoring!" I asked "Was Mommy snoring too?" he replied "No, you were just... BREATHING!" Yeah Buddy, I do that sometimes.

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