Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sea World

Lu had some free tickets to Sea World that she gave us & Ben & Shelle could get in free on the military deal so we all decided it would be fun to take 7 adults and 4 kids to Sea World for the day. If anyone knows how anxious I get when I'm faced with herding a large number of people around, you can imagine how much Matt wanted to medicate me for the day. I was tasked with "keeping my mouth shut", no easy task for me.

Matt drove us down from Temecula to San Diego. We were a little ahead of the group since they had to stop to let Noah do his business (sorry buddy), SO, we drove around the area that we used to live in in San Diego. At one point the following sounds were occuring all at the same time:

Skyler: "I have to pee"
Zack: "I'm hungry"
Amanda: "LOOK there's a Target, I can get a different t-shirt, this one isn't comfy"

Matt made a split decision to turn where he shouldn't have and wouldn't you know it that there was a cop just behind us. Not sitting somewhere near us, but literally the car behind us. It was the first time we encouraged Skyler to continue whining loudly that she had to pee. The cop probably felt bad for Matt having to deal with his wacko family and let him go with a warning not to "be his fifth fatality of the day".

We got to Sea World alive and well and met up with the other two cars in our caravan quite easily. Here are some pics, it was a HOT day:
The Dolphin Show

Sky holding Bryce:

The group (minus Lu taking the pic and Bryce sitting in his stroller)petting bat rays.

After lunch Shelle & Matt talked the little ones into sitting in the soak zone for the Shamu show :-)

I went in search of higher ground to photo them

This is their first drenching

As predicted, the kids were NOT impressed. Apparently they weren't clear on the definition of "soak".

Shelle, Noah, and Skyler moved one row higher, which didn't help much (at all).


Other shots:

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  1. Wow, looks like y'all had a grand time out in CA.


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