Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Wedding

Matt's little sister Jessica got married on August 4th to a great guy named Jeff. It's amazing how perfectly he fits into the crazy Molnar family. He fits in just right with the guys!

The wedding was held at Faulkner winery in Temecula, CA.

Jessica was a beautiful bride and just glowed throughout the ceremony and celebration. Here are some pictures:

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Ventura (that makes my SIL Jessie Ventura ;-) )

Matt, his Mom Lu (Mother of the Bride), and his brother Ben:

Matt's Dad Al (Father of the Bride)and his wife Debbie:

Jeff and his Mother Tona:

The Guys:

The Girls (what the heck am I looking at?):

The Ring Bearers:




Matt's brother Ben and his wife Lashelle (Mom & Dad to Noah & Bryce)

Me & Matt:

My little flower girl:

I cried when she walked down the aisle. I bent down to tell her that she did a great job dropping petals.

My boy:

As soon as we were all released from picture duty, the kids kicked off their shoes and let loose.

The girls had a BLAST re-collecting flower petals and then throwing them all in the air. It was just as sun was setting so they looked so beautiful!

It got chilly quickly after the sun went down, I put Matt's jacket on and found a treat - too bad it was empty, I desperately needed it after the very long day of getting everyone ready:

Last one, believe it or not, Jessica started this one:

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  1. All the pics are great. The cake picture is AWESOME! I was going to say "it takes the cake!" haha


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