Thursday, September 13, 2007

Grounded from Technology

So, on the fifth day of school, I get a phone call from the director at Zack's new after care program. "Please call us immediately Zack was fighting with another child." LOVELY. I was right down the street. I walk in and he's sitting outside her office, dripping with sweat (he is every day when I pick him up. He has PE at the end of the day every day and then plays in the Gym for aftercare.) and he looks thoroughly miserable. Apparently he and another boy his own age were play fighting and it escalated at just the moment that the director glanced over. There is zero tolerance for fighting, regardless of the reason. They were both suspended from aftercare the next day. I'll repeat that, SUSPENDED, from aftercare. He's in First Grade.

I won't bore you with the details of our talks that evening. Imagine two parents detailing ad nauseum the reasons why you follow rules and don't fight at school, even play fight and how difficult it is for Mommy to leave work early to pick up your punished butt when you get suspended. We decided that he's grounded from Technology until friday, every day he behaves while grounded he can earn a day back. Without tv, computer, playstation or ds, the kid didn't know what to do with himself. Can you just hear me saying "Go read a BOOK"? The first night I was so mad I made him sort socks. NO ONE likes to do that.

He's finally made a buddy at after care so I think he'll get into less trouble. He seemed to have a much better week and didn't come home telling me how terrible it was there. Terrible for a 6 year old apparently equals non-stop games like basketball, kickball, popcorn, and others I don't know the names of, board games, coloring, and kids of all ages that go to your school to play with. He's led a sheltered life.

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