Friday, October 05, 2007

The Big Dilemma

Zack's tonsils are enlarged. Per advice from his dentist, I took him to see an ENT. The ENT agrees that his symptoms (enlarged tonsils, snoring, teeth grinding, raspy voice, possible sleep apnea) warrant removal, but at this point he said the decision was up to us. He's more likely to have more sore throats, strep, and tonsillitis as he gets older. The surgery is uncomfortable now, but will get increasingly more painful and riskier as he gets older. AAAHH! Don't you sometimes wish the doctor would just say "he needs this" or "he doesn't need this"?

We've asked a lot of other parents about their kids surgeries and whether they would do it again. Although Zack is dead set against it, I think we're going to do it. I'm thinking we'll wait until after the holidays though. I just don't want Z to go through what I've gone through in terms of having strep and tonsillitis several times per year. Hopefully we can avoid it all together. The other comforting factor for us came by way of a coincidence. When the doctor walked in the room, I thought he looked familiar, but blew it off. When we were discussing the surgery he mentioned that he does all the pediatric surgeries at the Children's Hospital. I said that we liked that hospital, that that was where we were when Skyler had the quarter removed from her throat. He asked who did the surgery and I said that I couldn't remember but for some reason I thought he looked familiar. Well, when I got home, I looked through our old records, and it WAS him. You'd think I would have recognized the name when I made Zack's appointment but I didn't. I just got an appointment with the next available doctor in a practice that a friend recommended. So anyway, I like the doctor and coincidentally he's operated on Skyler before.

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