Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Columbus Day Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend. Matt's Aunt Colleen and Uncle Gordon came to visit from California. Saturday night we went out to dinner at Bravos. The kids were a little wild, but we got to sit outside so we didn't disturb too many other patrons.

That's Colleen & Gordon and our friend Amy (Hi Amy!)

We had a nice dinner and then took the kids for ice cream. We sat up late talking about who knows what. Matt enjoys telling stories about work and it's fun to hear stories about your childhood that you may remember differently as an adult.

Sunday we decided to go up and tour Colonial Williamsburg. When we got there we discovered that there was an Art Festival going on and there were TONS of people. It's unseasonably warm here right now so we had a very hot sweaty day. Skyler kept saying she didn't feel very good, but she didn't really have any symptoms. At first we just thought she was hot:

But eventually she threw up. We were going to call it a day, but she was bound and determined to get her face painted. She perked up a little bit after getting rid of whatever was bothering her stomach so we let her choose. She chose to be a butterfly:

Zack was SO sweaty so we talked him out of getting paint on his face. It would have just dripped right down his chin. He got a snake painted on his arm instead:

There was a lot of music, Zack was silly:

We had a late lunch, hit the outlets really quickly (never did get down to the colonial area of Williamsburg) and headed home. Our little butterfly fell asleep in the car:

Colleen read Zack stories before bed:

I think we all had a great weekend!

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  1. looks like fun! glad to hear you guys had a good time.
    you could share some of that hot weather with us!!


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