Friday, October 05, 2007

Do you need a tent for soccer camp?

Zack is loving soccer. When his team was given the opportunity to sign up for a "soccer camp" for six consecutive Thursdays with the technical director of his league, 8 of the 12 families decided to go for it. The kids have been excited for a couple of weeks to start something new. Some of the questions that Zack has asked:

What kind of tent are we going to have?
Do we need wood to build our fire?
Do we have to sleep there?
Is it in the woods?

So MY question is this... why do they call sports camps CAMP? It's really an extra practice or something along those lines. The kids (well mine at least) were confused. Zack thought we were going camping with his soccer team. He definitely should have known better because my personal motto is "I don't camp!"

p.s. - first practice/camp session was yesterday. The kids had a great time and were actually LISTENING. Perhaps we need to find a stranger to coach them all. They certainly don't listen at regular practice that well. Oh and the parents had fun and Skyler has formed a posse of four year old little sisters of soccer players.

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  1. that is funny. every sport camp i went to was actually "camp" maybe because they are still so little it's not over night. The best sport camp I ever went to was volleyball, a week in Santa Barbara, a bunch of teenagers and no parents. What were my parents thinking!!! Good luck with camp!!!


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