Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am so PROUD!

Can I just tell you how proud I am of my husband? He's had such a fantastic few weeks/month... He's had some major accomplishments and I want to shout it from the rooftops for him.

In September he began a class that he had to take for work. It was a college level course that basically teaches you teaching methods and how to be a better instructor. He wasn't too happy to spend his Friday evenings and Saturdays with his co-workers but he dove right into it. Part of his final grade was giving a 20 minute lesson on a topic randomly chosen by the professor. His was polygamy. He just found out today that he got an "A". How great is that?

Around the same time he started the class, he started a new diet. Matt was inspired by a few friends trying NutriSystem and having a huge success and I think turning 30 might have had something to do with it as well. As of this week he's lost 28lbs. We both thought he'd be fairly miserable and hate the diet but he's done great. He actually likes the food. He feels healthier. He has tons of energy. I am GIDDY happy for him. I love the look on his face when he gets on the scale and sees a new low number. Keep it up honey, you're doing so fantastic!

Monday Matt played golf in a tournament with his best buddies Mike & Tom and Tom's friend Todd. They played at a local military course. The event was sponsored by the local hockey team, The Norfolk Admirals. Each foursome was joined by an Admirals team member (Dan Jancevski was in their foursome, uh make that fivesome). The guys made lots of new friends and... CAME IN FIRST PLACE. They were on cloud nine when they got home.

Dan Jancevski, Mike, Matt, Brett Angel, Tom, and Todd

Dan and Brett play for the Admirals. Matt & Brett bonded because they are the same size and are both left handed.

Currently sitting in honor on the mantle.

Look at that happy face!

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