Friday, October 19, 2007

My family needs two of me...

The person who figures out how to duplicate Moms will win Nobel Prizes and earn fame, money, notoriety...

Zack is still sick. Just when I got done saying that the poor kid needed his tonsils out even though he isn't sick, he gets sick and it sticks. He's actually at the point of asking me WHEN can he get his tonsils out. Last week it was just a cough, doc said that his lungs were clear and he didn't have strep throat. This week, the lungs are still clear although he's coughing like a 30 year smoker, and he has Strep. Matt and I have maxed our days off and he's still miserable. We played juggle the sick kid today, we both HAD to be at our respective offices. Matt kept the Pooter for the morning and dropped him off at my office on his way in. I got a couple of more hours of work in and now we're home. I have to go back so he's being juggled over to my cousin's house. Thank goodness for family!

What was my point? Oh yeah, I need two of me. How much easier would all things be if I just had another me? I know some of you are cringing in horror, but I think it's a fantastic idea!


  1. Hey Zack~I hope you're feeling better soon. Go Red Sox!

    Hello Miss Skyler~you just keep getting prettier and prettier. I loved your butterfly face paint.

    Hello Amanda ~ I think you're on to something there but cloning is a bit expensive. LOL

    Hey Matt ~ Congrats again on all your accomplishments.



    poor guy. you can juggle him over to aunt shell's house. him and bryce can be sick together. and i promise to spoil the crap out of him:) and of course sky can come too, her and noah can be the "healthy" kids.

  3. So have you scheduled the tonsillectomy yet?

  4. Oh - yes I scheduled the poor kid's tonsilectomy. He's convinced that his antibiotics aren't working - his tonsilectomy will. Poor Baby. We're scheduled for January. Grammy's coming to spoil him for a week!


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