Monday, October 29, 2007


We're all pretty excited for the Red Sox today. Zack made a point to wear one of his Red Sox t-shirts to school. Skyler was excited but wasn't going to let it interfere with her fashion sense, so no Red Sox t for her.

Last week I had Zack back at his pediatrician's office. We hadn't been able to see his regular doctor over the past two weeks because the office had installed a new computer system company wide and it was wreaking havoc on the schedule. They were running hours behind where they never used to. After getting a few phone messages through, his doc offered to stay late one evening just to see Zack. Long story short, we're now treating Z for bronchitis and we've bumped his tonsillectomy way up. He'll have surgery November 12th. I can't tell you how relieved I am. Not that this is the answer to all the problems, I just hope that it will reduce the misery of the coming winter. We also moved him to another antibiotic which made a difference pretty quickly. He still isn't running around, but he's perkier.

Friday night we went out with Mike & Amy to celebrate Mike's birthday. We went to our favorite sushi place where Matt and Mike drank ALL of their Naguri Saki. They had to send a glass over to another customer who loves Naguri and wasn't able to order any. Then we took the slightly tipsy boys for another wild and crazy outing at Barnes & Noble. I tell you, we hit our thirties and all hell breaks loose. I could just LIVE at Barnes & Noble. I love the smell of it, all those BOOKS. YUM!

We had our 3rd Annual Pumpkin Party yesterday. Of course, because I am a Murphy, it was our first cold day of the year. We like to do the carving outside because pumpkin guts are sticky. We made due this year. We got all but a couple of them carved and gutted before we were all too cold to stand it. Then we sat around the kitchen table stuffing our faces with goodies. That's the best part!

No pics of the results yet. By the time it was dark enough to light candles and show off our creations - I was scrubbing the garage door with a magic eraser because Skyler got the brilliant idea to sign her name on it with a Sharpie. THEN I sent her to her room and discovered that there was no floorspace after she and her cousin were through playing dress-up. I was NOT in the mood for pumpkins and pictures. Oh and Sky went to bed EARLY.


  1. RED SOX RULE!!! Can't wait for the work day to be over with to run home and watch their plane arrive at Logan. Rumors are that the parade will be held tomorrow in Bean Town! Now, I just need to figure out how to convince the boss (who is in Vegas) to let us out of work to watch!! LOL

    Hope Zack is feeling better real soon.

    Miss Skyler you sure are keeping your folks on their toes...LOL

    Love Y'All!


  2. I live in St. Louis, and the Cardinals were recently devasted by the Red Sox. I also have family that lives in Denver, so I have a soft spot in my heart for the Rockies. The Red Sox are a pretty incredible team!


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