Monday, October 01, 2007


It was a nice fall weekend here in VA. I was SO surprised when I went out Saturday morning and the air was crisp. LOVE IT.

Friday night Zack's school had their annual movie night. They set up a movie outside against the wall of the school. Everyone brings their chairs and blankets and the PTA sells drinks and popcorn. The kids love seeing all their friends with their families. It's a nice event. This year they showed Curious George which we hadn't seen yet. It was a really cute movie. Everyone had a great time.

Saturday we had soccer, of course. Apparently the kids play better when it's 90 degrees and they are gasping for breath and dripping sweat. They were all sort of ho hum about it that day. It was perfect weather but they need harsher conditions to push them I guess. They had fun anyway. Here are some pictures. I realize that I haven't posted any of soccer recently.

I'm making something like this for all the kids on Z's team:

Sunday was a day at home. Matt and his friend Tom went fishing. I stayed home with our kids and Tom's two. Zack and Cameron fought all day. They are best friends but can't seem to get through 20 minutes without bickering about something. I guess that is the way of six year olds. On top of that, they didn't want Skyler in their breathing space. She wanted to play, they wanted her to drop off the planet. SO, that added another level of bickering. I had a pounding headache by 4:00. I love when the kids have their friends over because for short bits of time they are occupied and having fun, but MAN can they argue over nothing. The great marker argument of Sunday was my favorite. Even though there were 50 markers in the kit, and they were all coloring on the same floor, the boys didn't want Skyler using the same markers that they were using. It all made perfect sense to them!

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