Monday, October 15, 2007

The weekend

Our weekend began with soccer, as usual. It was such a beautiful day. Cool when you first walk outside, but then very warm after you're standing in the sun for awhile. Zack played very well. I have to admit that the game flew by because I was yapping with the other parents in true Soccer Mom fashion. Before I knew it, they were calling end of game. We're really enjoying this season. The parents are clicking even better than last season - a few new faces to join the bunch and the three days a week we get together almost don't seem like enough. Thankfully the kids are all getting along as well.

Sunday we went to the park and I took a bunch of goofy pics. Here you go:

Zack channeling Ryan from High School Musical - he loves this hat!

The kids showing off their complementary shirts. Can you read them? His says "My sister is a witch" and hers says "My brother is a monster" Fun stuff!

The rope climb

Gotta try what my brother tries.

Daddy making Zack laugh til he has a coughing fit!

We hope you had a great weekend too! I'm hoping we can go to the pumpkin patch next weekend. The Third Annual Molson Pumpkin Carving party is coming soon too.


  1. Another great round of pics showing what fun you guy have together! Love the tee shirts!

  2. Love the pics, my Zacky bear is adorable, I usually don't add comments, didn't know you went back in to read. Figured what's the point. Thanks for sharing I love the pics of Sky's farm excursion. The true joy shows in her precious smiling face. I wish I could help with the sicky, I miss caring 1st hand for little ones. Get well soon Pooter-butt. Miss you all terribly. Gramma


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