Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cough cough cough

Skyler is sick again. She's had a little cough for a few weeks now. The doc said it was just an asthma flare up and we've been watching it. Tuesday night she COUGHED ALL NIGHT LONG. Matt and I got only a couple of hours of sleep. I got up with her at about midnight and had her take her inhaler and some delsym and put her in my bed. Matt came to bed (after falling asleep on the couch) at about 4:00 and it truly must say something about how tired I was or how being a Mommy has beaten me down because I didn't even freak when I woke up and realized the entire back of my t-shirt and my underwear were completely soaked. Skyler had coughed so hard she had peed my bed. I have no idea if she was so close to me she peed on me, or if she peed and I happily slept in the warmth of it, but I was soaked, she was soaked, the bed was soaked. We figured that all out and tried for another couple of hours of sleep while listening to the lullaby of Skyler coughing us to sleep. When the alarm went off at 5:45 I thought - "there is just no freakin way" - she and I stayed home. OF COURSE, she was fine all day, some coughing but not too much. Come 7:30 last night it began again. WHY do kids only get sick symptoms at night? We've been through this enough times, and I have enough medications in my "Mommy of an asthmatic" arsenal that I can fight this without another doc appointment, but man does it suck. My lungs ache for her. I see a lot of quiet snuggling watching movies in our bed in our future!


  1. Have you tried putting Vicks Vaporub on her feet before bed and covering them with socks? It seems to help, and I use the baby vicks instead of the regular stuff right now.

  2. noah has asthma too. i was going to suggest the baby vicks, i put it on his chest then a tighter shirt. And when its really bad, I steam up the bathroom. Close us in and we hang out for a bit, it really sucks at 2,3,4 in the am but it seems to calm the cough. Poor baby!!!

  3. My Mom used to do the shower and Vick's thing with my brother, Chris who always came down with the croup (there's probably another name for it now) but that was a trick that seemed to work. Hope she feels better soon.


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