Monday, November 26, 2007

Deck the halls....

I was determined to get the tree up this weekend. It was a hefty task as there is more furniture in the living room than there was last year. I decided that I would have to block the back door for a month. The first step was to clean up the toys. This is always a giant PIA. The good part is that I end up with several piles of junk the kids have accumulated that I can throw away. PLUS - they are always more likely to play with their toys if I've organized them.

Matt offered to go up in the attic on Friday/Saturday and get down the Christmas buckets. I was shocked, it took no begging/bitching on my part. Last year Matt organized the attic and was all prepared for this to be much easier than usual. Skyler was SO eager to help Daddy go up in HER attic (it's above her bedroom). She climbed right up the ladder and Matt grabbed both her hands and she disappeared. She was the big helper/flashlight holder, you would have thought she was a job foreman. Matt had a good time laughing with her.

I always love opening up the buckets of Christmas ornaments and decorations. It's like taking your memories out of storage. Each item is a little treasure. Last year was the first year that the kids really made ornaments and decorations in school. This year they had so much fun pulling them out and remembering making them. I have no idea if the memories were imaginary or not but they enjoyed it.

Don't tell any of my New England relatives but {whispering} we got a fake tree last year, a really nice one. AND it was a bargain, because I'm a bargain shopper. Matt thought I was absolutely nuts when I brought it home, but it was SO easy to put away last year, and click click click, fluff fluff fluff, and our tree was up this year. Granted we didn't do the tree dance that Matt grew up with, but really there's no reason why we couldn't. Maybe I'll make him do it next year.

Anyway here it is:


A work in progress:

Ooooh Sparkley

That's as far as I've gotten. No lights outside, no garland, I'm working on the mantel. The tree is always first! I hope you enjoy decorating your tree this year!


  1. The tree looks Mahvelous, Dahlings!!

    I managed to waddle around the yard yesterday cutting evergreens to fill in my planters on the porch for the smoking section of the house. LOL

    Our tree will be going up once the back decides to give me a break and go back in.

    Phil is mailing out the kids Christmas box today. They can open it as soon as it arrives. Hint: it needs to be activated by Dec. 1st.

  2. Eeek. Dec 1st is Saturday. Okay, we'll open it right away. I can't even imagine what it is.

  3. Gorgeous tree! Can't wait to see you folks during the holiday.


  4. I have tree-envy right now! Mine is still in its box... I plan to put it up this weekend, but I'm pondering a bigger tree. Our 6ft one was fine in the old apartment, but now that I have a vaulted ceiling, it looks so small. (Oh, and when I was a kid, I'd have balked at the idea of an artificial tree, but now that I'M the one procuring the tree, artificial is awesome!)

    Your tree is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Your tree is very, very pretty! I got ours up this year too and yes, ours is a fake tree. We are originally from Colorado but there is just no practical way to have a real tree here in the desert of AZ!

    That reminds me, I need to get photos of our tree on my blog!

    Have a great day!

  6. So beautiful! You guys did a GREAT job!!


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