Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Old people and airports - kid conversations...

At the breakfast table:

Skyler: You can't kick old people or they will die.
Daddy: You shouldn't kick anyone.
Skyler: Yeah but OLD people will DIE if you kick them.
Zack: Not old people in China! Old people in China are strong.
Daddy: How do you know about old people in China? We don't know any old people in China.
Zack: In the Karate movie, the old guy is strong and beats up the bad guys [Karate Kid anyone?]
Matt: Oh yes, Mr. Miagi was very strong, but he was from Japan.
Skyler: Daddy, remember when I was a baby and we went to China?
Matt: No Skyler, we've never been to China. But Daddy went to Japan before you were born.
Zack: In your submarine?
Matt: Yes.
Skyler: Yeah, but I didn't know you then.

We're in the car going to the airport to pick up my Mother. I'm on the phone with Amy (I didn't follow this conversation until Matt & Sky started yelling to each other), Zack is playing his DS in the back-back, Skyler is in the middle talking Matt's ear off.

Skyler: Where are we?
Daddy: Virginia Beach
Skyler: Is the airport in Virginia Beach?
Daddy: No.
Skyler: It's not even in VIRGINIA?
Daddy: Yes it is, it's about half an hour away.
Skyler: Do you wish the airport was really close so we could walk to get Grammy?
Daddy: Well, then it would be really loud if the airplanes were always flying over our heads. You'd have walk around with your fingers in your ears all the time.
Daddy: Skyler?
Skyler: WHAT?
Daddy: I said it would be really...
Skyler: WHAT? I can't hear you, I have my fingers in my ears!

Little Zacky update: He had a MUCH better day at school today. He's even talking quite a bit which leads me to the realization that his voice has changed. :-( {sniffle} I'm going to miss that raspy Zacky voice. The doc said that it could change a few times over the next two weeks as the swelling increases and then decreases. He's a little squeeky right now, almost like a toy that hasn't been used in awhile. His voice has always been so distinctive. I'm going to miss it.

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  1. aww...I just love "kid talk" They're so sweet.


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