Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pierogi Day Virginia Style

For as far back as I can remember and much further than that, there has been Pierogi Day in our family (Mom's side is Polish). It's usually the weekend before Christmas. All of the women in our family get together to make pierogi to be eaten on Christmas Eve. It's a lot of work so this only happens once per year. Everyone brings an ingredient, my mother makes the dough.

Since moving away from home seven years ago, I haven't attended many pierogi days. It wouldn't matter much anyway, I'm not much help. They've dubbed me "The Pierogi Princess", which basically means I sit around and munch on goodies and do my nails while they work and make fun of me! :-)

Since my mother was coming to visit for Zack's surgery and Matt and our friends Mike & Amy love pierogi, we got her to agree to help us make some. She had to bring the cheese with her as Farmer's Cheese seems to be impossible to find around here.

In true Mom style, she had all the prep work done long before we got home from work. The dough was made, the filling cooked. All we needed to do was roll, stuff, boil, cook, and eat YUM! Mom was the super star, but we did pretty well. Skyler LOVED helping. I think from now on I'll ship her up to Grammy's the week before Christmas so she can further enjoy this tradition - goodness knows she's not going to get much exposure from me!

Matt walked in JUST in time to grab a plate of deliciously cooked pierogi. He's got great timing!

edited to explain: A pierogi is a Polish dumpling. You can make them with just about anything in them, but our family has always made them exactly the same and only once per year. The filling is mashed potatos, farmer's cheese, and onions.


  1. Thanks Grammy! We love being included in this family tradition. Also to note - Mike got Sky to eat pierogi. They are dee-lish!

  2. I know this is an old post but couldn't resist a comment - I look forward to this tradition each year. My wish this year is that we could bring some on the plane with us to Virginia Beach. I'm hopeful we can make some once we arrive since we are getting in on the 21st! I know Jill makes them at her house; perhaps we can get some going in Virginia Beach. Love your blog!! Donna


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