Monday, November 05, 2007

Soccer Moms, The Tooth Fairy, and parent teacher conferences...

Another soccer season is over, save the obligatory party at Chuck E. Cheese, my least favorite place on earth. The kids had a ton of fun and learned SO much. I can't get over the difference in their games in one year. Most of the team also participated in a six week clinic with the technical director of the league and learned even more there. As funny as it is, I'm thrilled to be a soccer mom!

Zack lost his top front tooth on Saturday. He was in agony. That thing was hanging in his mouth, he could twist it all the way around. He wouldn't let us touch it but he was in tears. He got so upset that he fell asleep snuggling with me in the afternoon. I just had to help him out a little. Once he was sawing logs with his mouth hanging open, I gave his tooth a little push and it popped right out, I didn't even have to tug. He didn't feel a thing, I had to wake him up. He was SO happy and now has a gaping hole in the front of his face. The Tooth Fairy left him a shark's tooth and a golden dollar.

Today was my our first parent teacher conference for First Grade. Zack is right on target and doing great. He hates to write, but loves to read and do math. His writing is okay, but could be a lot neater. I'll take the blame for that one, I had a lot of trouble in school with writing. His teacher isn't even concerned with him getting behind by missing next week. She's sure he'll catch right up!

That's Monday's latest and greatest!

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