Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tonsils look like meatballs... or so I'm told.

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, Monday Zack had his tonsils & adenoids removed. He was SUCH a trooper! I was a nervous wreck. Matt couldn't understand it, but there's something about your child being unconscious that makes a mother's heart skip a few beats.

We had to be at the Children's hospital at 7:30. Zack didn't seem nervous for the most part. He just didn't know what each step was going to unfold so he was cautious.

We signed in in the day surgery office and were careful to obey the NO FOOD signs posted everywhere. One Dad showed up with his thermos of coffee and was asked to leave and find a place for his cup. They meant business. If the kids can't eat or drink, neither can you! I love it. The first order of business was having the nurse check Zack in and take his vitals. Every time she asked him to do something, he glanced at me like "is this going to hurt?", even if it was just getting his weight. They assigned him some cute jammies and we met with nurses and the anesthesiologist.

He was a little nervous at this point because we were talking a little bit over his head, his eyes were wide as he glanced back and forth between us. We had a great chat with a nurse from Massachusetts - we compared notes and teased her about her accent.
Back out to the waiting room, I found the key to making any six year old boy calm. The adolescent waiting room was empty and had a video game console. Zack and Matt played Mario Golf for about 45 minutes while we waited for Zack's surgeon to come get us.
Right at 9:30, the scheduled surgery time, Zack's surgery nurse, the nurse anesthetist, and his surgeon came in to get us. They had him give us a kiss and a hug, took him by the hand, and walked off down the hall. Zebra got to go too. This is a bad pic, but there they are at the end, walking towards the surgery suite.

Matt and I were sent to the waiting room with the rest of the nervous parents, well I was nervous, Matt was cool and calm! Mikey stopped by and hung out with us while we tried to play rummy with 51 cards.
Within an hour, our favorite surgeon ever (did I tell you he took the quarter out of Skyler's throat two years ago?) came out and updated us. Zack's tonsils and adenoids were definitely enlarged. He also told us that they look like meatballs, who knew? About 10 minutes later, one of the sweet little volunteers came to get us. Zack was in recovery, awake. He looked PISSED. He obviously didn't have much to say, and was sort of out of it, but he looked angry. Matt and I kept looking at each other and making the "uh oh" face. I think it was just the only face he could make.
Our little trooper, did so well, so quickly, that they moved him right over to the second phase of recovery. I slowly spooned in a grape slushy and we watched The Incredibles. We had to stay for at least two hours.

Zack didn't talk at all, but didn't seem too miserable. He really didn't like getting his IV out, but that was the worst of it. At the two hour mark, we got him dressed, got a popsicle for the road, and had him wheeled out to the car.

He was perky, but fell asleep right before we got home. Dude slept for a couple of hours and then was ready for movies and ice cream. In two days we've gone through two half gallons of ice cream and we're working on a third. He says it hurts but basically refuses to take his pain medication. He's not talking, but can. He does a lot of clapping and pointing at the freezer - MORE ICE CREAM PLEASE!
I'm so proud of Zack and happy to get rid of those super large tonsils!

edit: a little tonsil/adenoidectomy lesson (I went searching for pics)

Adenoids and tonsils are the same tissue. Another name for adenoids is: pharyngeal tonsils. The "tonsils" that most people refer to at the back of the throat are the palatine tonsils. SO - if one type is enlarged, odds are the other is as well.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled blog...

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the update. I've been meaning to e-mail ya but figured that you were busy dealing with work, this and Miss Skyler's schedule. Glad to hear that everything went well and Zack was such a TROOPER!! I'm not a very good patient when it comes to the docs or the dentist for that matter. LOL

    Love ya,



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