Friday, November 02, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone got to have fun and lots of yummy candy!

Skyler had her Fall Festival at school on Tuesday. Daddy was in charge that morning so this is what she wore...

That's her Tinkerbell nightgown with wings, footless tights, socks, and dress shoes. There was also a green sweater with a zebra on it. She's channeling her Polish ancestors.

Wednesday was Halloween. We had plans to trick-or-treat at our friends' house. Skyler almost didn't get to go. Her teacher informed us that she had the worst day of behaviour, EVER, in the history of her 2 1/2 years at this school. Lovely.

Zack dressed up as a ninja. He was lucky that his costume was sort of like wearing pajamas. He was super comfy all night. Skyler decided against the Tinkerbell get up as it was sort of grungy from a day of play and settled on a pumpkin ballerina costume.

As usual, Zack wanted nothing to do with pictures next to his sister.

What's a pumpkin ballerina costume without green eye shadow and glitter?

I had to get creative to keep her warm, here's another version of her costume.

It was a delightfully quiet evening. We took the kids on a big loop of the neighborhood and headed back to sit in the driveway with a nice fire going. We forgot the marshmallows but had fun anyway. The kids got a couple pieces of candy then Matt and I got to pilfer from their buckets after they went to bed. I got all the KitKats and he got all the Twix's. MMMMMMM good!

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