Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What happens to your body when you die?

We have some pretty cool dinner time conversations in our house. Earlier this week we got on the subject of death. Skyler is greatly concerned that she'll miss her stuffed animals when she dies so we talk about this often. The conversation this evening turned to "what happens to your body when you die?". So I proceed to explain burying and cremation. They got the idea of burying as they had seen cemetaries before and seen a little bit on tv. Cremation was new.

Me: Sometimes people choose to be cremated when they die.
Zack: What's that?
Me: Well after you die, your body is burned and turned to ashes.
Zack: Does it hurt?
Me: Nope, you can't feel anything after you die.
Zack: What's ashes?
Me: Well, you know the grey flakey stuff you get when you burn a fire? That's ashes. And then some people have their ashes sprinkled somewhere that's important to them. Like maybe the ocean, or a forest, or ...
Zack: Or maybe Laser Quest?
Me: Yes I suppose if Laser Quest is important to you you could have your ashes sprinkled there.
Zack: Cool.

End of conversation. SO - if something were ever to happen to one of us, you may be attending a ceremony at the local Laser Quest if Zack has anything to say about it. A nice ceremony followed by a rousing game of laser tag!


  1. Wierd dinner conversation....but i do love laser tag!!!
    We should have taken Zack to the one by mom's when we were in Cali, bummer.

  2. Again, I'm intrigued by Molnar conversations! You have such great, real answers for everything. They work for kids and adults... Hey, what happens when...

  3. I love his response! I guess we know what's important to him right now... :)

    Great responses on your part, too!

  4. Sounds like our dinner conversations. I'm usually amazed at the questions my boys come up with. Most the time I can answer their questions, but they usually end up talking themselves into their own answers. That is always fun to listen to.


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