Thursday, December 06, 2007

4 going on 14 going on 2...

Remember the post about me putting make-up on Skyler for her school pictures? Well, apparently I created a monster. Last week I picked up Skyler's pictures from school and in addition to the tiny bit of foundation I used to cover the giant scab on her face, there's a hint of lipstick, just a hint. She must have snuck that in somehow. I wish the photographer or her preschool teacher had wiped it off, but they didn't and probably only I (and Amy) would notice. Then Tuesday I picked her up and her teacher handed me a tube of lipstick and said that she took it away from Sky whose lips were very very pink that morning. She snuck it in her pocket on the way to school. Daddy is going to have to start frisking her in the morning. That is the going on 14 part. I can only imagine what she's going to be doing when she actually IS a teenager, probably sneaking padded bras in her book bag. I took the lipstick, gave her a look, and stuck it in my pocket. She looked at me, thinking she was going to get it back, and pitched the mother of all tantrums when she didn't. That is the going on 2 part. She hasn't done this in quite a while and her teachers were absolutely shocked. They had never seen her behave this way before. There was screaming, crying, flailing (is that a word?) on the floor. I can't really pick her up so I had to do the "Mommy's leaving" thing. She would race after me, get in front of me and grab at the pocket with the lipstick in it. It took forever to get her in the car and another teacher even came out thinking that she was hurt because she'd never heard Skyler screaming like that. Can you just imagine what type of tantrum she's going to throw when we don't buy her that cute little Volkswagen convertible that she wants for her 16th birthday?

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  1. i know it doesnt help but that made me laugh, thanks.
    cant wait to have a girl!!!
    and she should get a cute little red one like aunt shell had!!!


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