Saturday, December 08, 2007

Santa's watching you...

Yes, I admit that I have been using the "Santa is watching you" threat lately. For the most part it works nicely to change a nasty attitude when it pops up.

I was giving Skyler a bath the other night and she was giving me a hard time about washing her hair. I pulled the "you'd better behave, Santa is watching you" and she comes back with "No he's not, there aren't any windows in the bathroom". Nice, she's even a smart ass about Santa.


  1. You have to love this little girl!
    She's got an answer for everything

  2. She and I will be the best of friends and the greatest of enemies. She is my greatest helper & loviest child, and frequently the most frustrating part of my day.

    Matt fears for when she's a teenager. He doesn't look forward to having to referee our arguments!


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