Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Very good friends of ours are expecting a baby in March. I asked Skyler if we should have a big baby party and get lots of baby gifts for them. She got so excited.

Me: What do you think we should get for the baby?
Sky: Lots of soft soft blankets so he'll be snuggly and warm.
Me: What else?
Sky: Some bottles, and Mommy what's that thing you put in the baby's mouth when you don't want to hear them cry anymore?
Me: You mean a binky or a pacy?
Sky: Yeah a binky, we should get a binky.

I was cracking up. Apparently in Skyler's world, if you don't want to listen to a baby cry, you stick a binky in its mouth and the problem is solved.

In other family news, Zack started playing basketball yesterday. It's a local rec program. He seemed to enjoy it and fit right in with the coach and other kids. He has one friend from soccer on his team and I think he recognized a few other kids from school. They already asked me if I wanted to be a Team Mom. I told them that if they got desperate I'd do it, I'm all Team Mom-ed out. I actually hear the words "No, just say No" bouncing around my head but they never come out sounding like that...

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