Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Too Crazy to Blog...

Sorry I haven't blogged much this week. I've been running around crazy. I've taken to making lists of things I need to do this week and I know I'll be up crazy late on Thursday night getting ready for our trip. Anyway, here are a few snippets:

Zack started basketball and has practice two nights a week (part of the reason I'm running around crazy). I finally got a few pictures although there isn't great lighting in the gym at night so they're kind of funky looking:

On Sunday my cousins came over with their kids. I haven't seen my cousin Jill in so long that I've never met her youngest child. They've been living in Hawaii and just moved and are making the rounds visiting. Her twin sister Jackie lives here near us. The kids came right in and all the cousins made themselves right at home playing with each other and wrestling our friend Mike. Somehow kids just gravitate to him!

Towards the end of their visit Skyler was kind enough to hootchie all the girls up with her stash of makeup. I didn't happen to catch a picture of it. All I could do is apologize to Jill :-) Sky loves her makeup!

This week I'm running around getting packages shipped out (the ones I have had for months and swore I'd get shipped by Dec 1 at the latest) and packing for our trip. Thus presents the problem of finding all the gifts I've stashed over the past few months. Hopefully I find them all before we start driving.

Thankfully, we're all sleeping great because it's been cold and we're all snuggled down under piles of blankets. Well, we WERE sleeping great until I made the mistake of showing the kids two movies that I thought were harmless. Skyler is having nightmares from watching 5 minutes of Jim Carey's The Grinch and Zack is having nightmares from watching Meet the Robinsons. There's some part with hats that are bad that's still freaking him out. So sometime early this morning, he snuggled in on one side of me, pushing me to the middle. Later, Sky came in and seeing that there was no more room at the head of the bed, got in at the foot. She just slept upside down. Of course, as soon as my alarm went off, so did they. "MOOOOMMM, Skyler's touching my feet". Uh, go back to your own bed that is completely Skyler free. I guess maybe we aren't sleeping so great. It's all quiet between 9pm and 2am anyway.

So I'm off now to pick up the rental car while my car is getting the steering pump replaced, pick up a package at the post office, make two pies, wrap a present, tape two boxes for shipping, pack a suitcase, and thaw some chicken. That's just tonight's list. Add to that some whining, fighting, homework, Skyler helping (which is so sweet but makes everything take twice as long) and constant nagging from me to do the things I told them to do 10 minutes ago. Wanna come over for dinner?


  1. Dinner? As always...I'll get 'em all riled up then go home! Glad to do my part... love always.

  2. poor babies. those are 2 of Noah's fav. movies right now. we are actually watching the polar express right now.

  3. TIS THE SEASON...I feel your pain and I don't even have kids! Well, I guess I could justify that and say your 54 yr old Uncle with his handy dandy cast managed to create quite the mess in the kitchen this morning at 5:00 a.m. (broke his thumb skiing over Thanksgiving) Everything is a project and a half. I've not only done my shopping but he informed me last night that wrapping is going to be an issue. I told him that's what gift bags are for. LOL

    See y'all soon.


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