Friday, January 18, 2008

Conversation with Zack (age six)...

Zack and I were chit-chatting last night.

Me: I remember the night you were born. I was so happy that you were my son.
Z: I am SO happy that I wasn’t girl.
Me: Oh yeah? Why?
Z: Girls are gross. Well, except my girlfriend.
Me: Who’s your girlfriend again?
Me: Oh sorry, it’s hard to keep track. She’s a cutie huh? Are there any cute girls in your school?
Z: No. Well…Yasmin, she’s in fifth grade.
Me: An older girl huh? Do you know her from after-care? Does she play with you?
Z: Yeah she’s in after-care. She doesn’t play with me she plays with Mya.
(long pause)
Z: Mya growed boobs, but not Yasmin.
Me: Yeah that happens to girls as they get older.
Z: (uncomfortably) Yeah, but let’s not talk about it anymore.

End of that conversation!

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