Friday, January 25, 2008

Friends & Skylerisms...

It's a wonderful feeling when you've got close friends and I'm especially grateful to have Mike & Amy and of course dearest husband Matt.

Matt was reading the blog last night to see what I had posted lately and he said that he gets such a kick out of reading my posts on funny things that Skyler says even when he was already there. We are so ammused by her humor even if that isn't what she was going for. She's a funny kid and always makes us smile.

For some reason the little munchkin is having a tough time with night time potty training. I guess that's what you get in return for a child who potty trains herself right when she turns two. You've got to pay your dues somehow. Anyway, she was doing okay for awhile and now she's had a bad week. That's not the funny part. The funny part is that if she wets the bed, she gets in our bed, buck ass naked. She gets a huge kick out of it too. "MOMMY, I slept in your bed last night, and I was nakey." I've tried to encourage her to just put other pjs on but she's having none of it.

Skyler: I know how apple juice is made.
Zack: with APPLES? (said in his best DUH big brother voice")
Skyler: and coffee (and nonchalantly walks away...)
I was standing there thinking WTF? That's Skyler, master of the random statement!


  1. Ditto for you and Matt! We love you guys and don't know what we did before we became friends/family.

    And - I love that Sky is like velcro on me these days. Bye-bye Mikey - "Aims" is in 1st place now, baby! :)

  2. It's like she can sense the Mommyness coming out of you!


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