Thursday, January 31, 2008

Morning Ramblings...

I couldn't sleep last night which means that I hit snooze a few too many times this morning. I jumped out of bed late, rushed to get ready, zoomed downstairs, got Zack snuggled on the couch and ran out the door. I pulled out of the driveway and look back at the front of the house and I see Skyler pressed against the door (glass), even through the frosty design (hate it) I could tell that she was in full scream. I pulled back in and scooped her up and gave her a quick snuggle. If either of them ever catches me sneaking out of the driveway, full melt-down happens and Matt's morning doesn't go so well. They could both sleep another hour in the morning, but they insist on getting up with me for a kiss and a hug :-) I got her calmed down and pulled out again.

As I pull to the end of the street, I have to finagle my car through the thronge of idiot teenagers that insist on standing in the middle of the street to wait for their bus. I'd like to run a few of them over, but I haven't yet. Anyway, WTF is with teenagers? There wasn't ONE in the group of 10-15 that was wearing anything that mildly resembled a coat. It's 35 degrees outside. I'm sure if Mom is reading this she's thinking that I was the same way, but really, some of them were in short sleeves. Do they not feel cold? Are goosebumps and hypothermia cool? Do they not make jackets that are attractive to the 12-17 set? I was fully bundled and inside my car and I was freezing. Maybe all those teenage hormones keep them warm?

My coffee cup is calling my name... Have a great day!

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  1. Does the image of lemmings over the cliff help? Our only salvation of the future comes once they manage to survive that age group and develop the "sensibility" gene...Hang in there!


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