Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Notes and Shots...

You want to know why I'm such a sucker of a Mom? Because my kids have their little fists around my heart. Zack has been SUCH a stinker lately. Last night I put him to bed and went downstairs. When I came up I found this note on my pillow:

Translation "I am sorry I been a brat. Zack"

How can you be frustrated at that? I just had to kiss his little face.

Aren't they just perfect when they're sound asleep?

Just when you are SO frustrated with them and they've pretty much pushed every button you have, they play the cute lovable card. I mean, he was THINKING about the fact that he'd been awful to me. I hadn't even said anything to him about it since dinner time. At least he gets it, even if it doesn't last 24 hours.

A Skylerism for today:
Matt took both kids for a flu shot this morning. He took them last year too and they did very well. He didn't tell them about it until they were in the car. Skyler said "Oh I remember that from last year, it didn't even hurt." So off they go and get ready for their shots.
Zack: Dad, I want Skyler to go first.
Dad: Big brothers are supposed to go first.
Zack: DAAAD, Ladies First?
Skyler: I'll go first but I want her to put it right on my dot (freckle)
{gets her shot, looks at the nurse like "is that all you've got"}
Nurse: Wow, you did great, you aren't even bleeding"
Skyler: No, but I still want the band aid.
Apparently band aids are a kids' version of a badge of honor. They don't care if they're bleeding or not, they need the band aid as a proof of their courage!

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