Monday, January 28, 2008

A Ruined Life...

We had a quiet weekend but I managed to take a couple of videos which I'll post. Zack had basketball Saturday morning. We're really getting into it. He's an awesome shooter but doesn't move much when he's playing. The ball literally has to come right to him. Matt got a little frustrated so we went from the game to Dick's Sporting goods to get a new basketball - ours was really old and nasty from being left outside for two years.

While at Dick's Zack was excited to try the climbing wall again. The last time he tried it was two years ago (making him FOUR) and he's much taller/stronger now. Here's the video:

(I don't know if this will work, I had trouble uploading)

When we got home the boys hung out in the driveway shooting hoops until they got too cold. Zack is definitely excited to play with his Dad!

We watched Ocean's 13 that night. For some reason I always have trouble following these movies. There are so many characters and I can't get the volume loud enough to hear all the dialogue. It's only with this series though. If it were a book I'd have no trouble. I'm movie watching impaired. Give me closed captioning and I'm in heaven...

Sunday was another quiet day, laundry and puttering around the house. Zack got in some Guitar Hero. Check him out and check out Skyler next to him.

We had dinner later with Mike & Amy. We got to see all the new stuff they've put in the baby's room. They're almost ready! Now we just need a Baby Shower or two and they'll be good to go!

I interrupted posting this because I had to go pick Zack up. He was spending Monday with a friend since school was out for the day. Friend's dad called to tell me that Zack had thrown up but was probably fine. I went to get him anyway, thinking that that kid doesn't usually throw up unless he's really sick. We spent the afternoon watching movies and he was FINE. I had to run some errands so I brought him with me. After the first stop he asked when we were going to do something fun. I replied that he had watched movies with me that afternoon. He then replied that I had RUINED HIS LIFE! I shouldn't have picked him up. I should have come to check on him and then left him at his friends house so he could have FUN! This delightful attitude continued throughout the evening until he ended up in his room!

I spent the afternoon of movie watching sitting with the little monster and playing with CS3 on my computer. I haven't taken any pictures lately (sorry) so I messed around with some from November. I'm digging this vintage action I found.



Photobucket I can't get enough of this picture.

That's the last couple of days in a nutshell. What have you been up to?

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