Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekend in review...

We had a fairly quiet weekend here. Friday night Skyler and I went and got her haircut and had dinner together. I had sushi and she had McDonald's. She ate some of my sushi and really liked it - not enough to fill her up, but I'm thrilled she's so willing to try most new things. Matt and Zack were at the Admirals hockey game. They've made friends with the players and are now sitting in the family section and getting signed hockey sticks and stuff. Zack and his buddy Cameron don't love it half as much as Matt and his buddy Tom. What a bunch of little boys! They are giddy with knowing professional hockey players. It's sweet and a great thing for the four of them to be doing together! Saturday morning Zack's basketball league had a shooting contest to start off the season. Zack was adamant about NOT participating until he saw the girls of his age group go first and not only was it not painful but they looked like they were having fun! He may be like me in a lot of ways, but thankfully he's also like his Dad. I NEVER would have participated in something that had stands full of people watching me at that age.

Later that evening Mike & Amy came over for some Wii fun. It's MUCH more fun when you have four controllers. We played a bunch of games, tried ones we hadn't tried before, and stayed up way later than we usually do. Guitar Hero was a hit. Boogie was funny, but I think overall we gave it one thumb up. It's too bad you can't JUST do karaoke, you have to dance too. We also had fun with Mario Party 8 before the kids went to bed! Amy and Zack had a battle of wills and a battle over the controlling controller. Zack pouted but Amy won his respect afterall. On Sunday he told Skyler that Amy is really good at Mario Party 8. He never would have given that up on Saturday!

Sunday was a quiet day. We did errands and didn't take the tree down again. I just don't have the motivation to do it. Hopefully we don't have the damn thing up for Skyler's birthday in February!


  1. Leave it to me to bully a kid! :) I've just had 26 years more practice at being stubborn! In my family, it's a sport.

  2. He's a proffesional of that sport himself. It does him good to meet someone matched at his own skill!

  3. Our friends brought over wii this weekend too! we had so much fun playing, i was suprized. im thinking of making the investment too.


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