Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wii and more Skylerisms...

We've become a house addicted to Wii. We've all enjoyed playing all the games. I even played two myself and I'm not a video game person. Everyone has enjoyed Guitar Hero III, even me and I think it was Mario Party 8 that we were playing this morning. I played against Skyler - we're about the same speed. Zack acted as our coach. He gets a little frustrated at our lack of ability, sense of competition, and desire to kick the other person's butt. It's all fun though.

A couple of Skylerisms for you:

Driving home on Sunday:
Sky: Mommy, wanna do something really fun with me today?
Me: Sure honey, what do you want to do?
Sky: We could clean the house!
Me: Uh huh
Sky: OR I know, we could clean out the car! Can we Mommy, can we clean out the car when we get home?
Me: Sure Sky, if that sounds like fun for you!

Playing boxing with Daddy this morning:
Daddy: Put your fists up
Sky: Okay Daddy but don't hit my ankles
{funny looks by everyone, Sky rubs the tops of her hands}
Daddy: Oh, you mean knuckles. Those are your knuckles not your ankles.
Sky: Yeah, Daddy, don't hit my knuckles.

One last thing, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that each of you could spend time reflecting on what was wonderful about 2007 and what you'd like to make wonderful about 2008. It's a clean slate, a New Year, a new begining I always think...


  1. Isn't cleaning the car fun? I always thought so:)

    but then again my friend tells me Im anal for that:)

  2. skylerism are the best. I love reading them even when I'm there for the first take.

  3. Too cute. Kids say the darndest things don't they? My 2 like to clean anything that is not theirs. The kitchen, the bathroom, etc. However, ask them to clean up the playroom or their rooms and you'd swear I was asking them to drink battery acid. Go figure!



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