Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday Girl has a party...

Skyler's birthday party was this weekend. She had chosen to have her party at one of those pottery painting places. She invited her little buddies and they all had a great time on Saturday.

The place we chose went above and beyond for us. They did all the decorations and walked all the kids through painting their projects.

Skyler chose a Bratz cake and was SO excited when she saw it.

She got to make a plate with her hand print in the center and her friends' and families' thumb prints around the outside.


This was a new location for the owner. She was creating a wall of handprints of the birthday parties. Skyler was the first.

Opening presents:
Do you remember when I said that she wanted that Betty Crocker cake decorator? Well I found it on clearance at Target. She was SO surprised.

Photobucket I had to help her blow out her candles. Her first try barely made a little breeze.

All the kids had a great time and were excited to come back and paint again:

Her birthday isn't until Tuesday which caused some confusion for her. She kept asking me if she was five yet. I finally started saying yes. We're going to take her out to dinner on Tuesday and she's got a few packages coming in the mail from her loving Grandparents so she'll have a great birthday week!

Happy Birthday Baby!

PS - I forgot to post a Skylerism:
Skyler spills a cup of milk...
Skyler: SHIT
Me: WHaT? {I was laughing though}
Skyler: Can I say Shit?
Me: No that isn't a nice word.
Skyler: We aren't allowed to say shit?
Me: No. That's a naughty word.
Skyler: Oh, I won't say shit anymore mommy. Are you going to tell Daddy that I said shit? Because we don't say Shit. Shit isn't a nice word.

How do they figure out that by explaining it 30 times gives them the opportunity to SAY it 30 times?


  1. It looks like so much fun! Glad she had a great time!

    I'm STILL laughing at the most recent Skylerism...

  2. Happy Birthday Sky!!!

    And she sounds like Noah:)

  3. Happy Birthday Skyler!!

    Love the latest Skylerism!


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