Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dancing Girl...

Skyler's pre-school started something new last fall. They had a dance instructor for wee ones come in once a week and do a basic dance/gymnastics class. There haven't been that many kids that participate but she seems to like it. Yesterday was a day that parents could come in and watch a regular class. Of course I took my camera.

Before we talk about anything else, let me just show you a typical Skyler outfit:
That's a black leotard with pink camouflage leggings, and sneakers. They usually go barefoot but the floor has been pretty cold lately. She thought those shoes went perfectly with her outfit.
This is her teacher Ms. Gale:
Ms. Gale is pushing 60. I had never met her before and was asking Skyler about her. She told me that Ms. Gale is OLD.

Skyler: Mommy, she has fr-fi-fwinkles, what are those things on old people's faces?
Me: Wrinkles?
Skyler: Yeah, wrinkles. But MOMMY, we can't IRON her.



Skyler was tickled pink that I got to watch her class. Sometime in the spring they are going to do a little show. I'll try to take some video then.

In case anyone is wondering why I do so many posts with pictures of Skyler, and so few of Zack... When I take a picture of Skyler I get:


When I take a picture of Zack I get:
Photobucket or

He's SO not interested, way too busy, and way too cool to stop for a picture. I'll have to remember that answer when he comes out with the "you love my sister more than me" statement that all kids seem to land on sooner or later.


  1. Yeah, my boys are strange that way too; while my girls tend to love the camera...go figure.

    Cute kids!!

  2. Love the pictures. Skyler is such a fashionista! My brothers said the same to my Mom. My response is that she did and still does. LOL Just kidding!


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