Monday, February 25, 2008

I did it...

I have made it through the crazy month of February and I am so relieved! Amy had two wonderful Baby Showers where we had so much fun ooohing and aaahhing over little tiny baby boy items. Skyler had a really fun 5th Birthday Party. I managed to attend all of Zack's basketball practices and games and have really come to enjoy kid sports. Matt's schedule changed so that he is now home at a reasonable time in the evenings and we are all adjusting to that. Having Daddy home for dinner makes for a nice family evening.

This weekend I plan to sleep and attack the disaster area that my house has become as I've ignored anything that didn't absolutely HAVE to get done. I've lost my nap partner though. Skyler conveniently remembered the "five-year olds don't have to take naps anymore" rule in our house. How am I going to look napping when there's no kid with me? Oh well, I need it even if those little bundles of energy don't.

Oh oh, and one last thing to mention - yesterday I got to meet an online friend for the first time. I got such a kick out of meeting, IRL, someone I talk to online all the time. Carolyn and her family were in town and we got together for breakfast. Skyler and their little girl Delia had a blast giggling at each other. Unfortunately, because it was the last day of my crazy month, we were a bit rushed and didn't get much time together. Hopefully there will be another visit!

I'm ready to tackle March!

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  1. Out like a lamb and in like a lion... Ready for March are ye? I am glad to see the procrastination demon has left thou...lest another month of insanity befall you and your kin! Amen.


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