Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm gifted in Procrastination...

So I'm procrastinating today... I have some forms to fill out and I'm choking.

Zack passed the first round of testing for the Gifted Resource program for Second Grade. The next step involves me filling out a questionnaire that asks for specific examples of how Zack thinks. Now if this didn't matter at all, I'd be able to tell you in detail how he thinks. On paper, all I can get out is "Zack is a good thinker". Okay it isn't that bad, but close.

The Gifted Resource Program gives kids who "think outside the box" or have an advanced method of thinking additional resources via a cluster group within their own classroom where they get instruction via alternate methods. I really want this for him, I just see it as being a fantastic benefit. It isn't designed for kids who are really good in math or who are superb readers, it's for kids who are advanced in HOW they think. I'm not one of them so I'm having trouble explaining it to you.

Suffice it to say, its one of those moments that matter and I feel as though I'm going to fail my boy. SO, I'm procrastinating. I work better under pressure.

Oh and we are SO proud. He has to take another test in March and then his file will go before a committee. Even if he doesn't get into the program, it's fantastic that he was identified, and again, we're just so proud!

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  1. Well, that's very impressive. I can see why you'd be a little nervous trying to complete the form. You might have already completed it by now but as a suggestion maybe giving an example or two of how he resolves a problem or situation might help get your point across. Good Luck! And,

    Congratulations Zack!


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