Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Little Tiny Baby is FIVE...

I can't believe my youngest is FIVE today. She's been the baby for so long and now she's determined to be a big girl, lipstick and all. She was born at 9:03 in the morning and was 8lbs 3oz. The delivery team thought she was huge.

Five Years Ago:



Here is the most recent picture of her, I can't believe how big she is:

When I reminded her this morning that today is her birthday, she went right to the mirror and said "Oh, look how BIG I am!" She was sure she had grown overnight. I was cracking up as usual!

We're going to take the big girl out for dinner and cake tonight.

Now yesterday was President's Day and the kids got to spend the day out of school with Daddy. Last night we were talking about presidents and the only one she really knows is George Washington and was just so upset to know he was dead. I pulled up a list with pictures of all the presidents and we went over them in order and I commented on who was still alive and who was dead. She thought that was pretty cool. Later I tucked both munchkins into bed and settled down to wait to see who would be out first (it's always someone).

{Skyler wanders into my room}
Skyler: Mommy, I MISS George Washington (said with a pathetic sad voice)
Me: Oh, did you know him? (this is a new extreme on delaying bed time)
Skyler: I wanted to meet him before he died.
Me: Would you like to read a book about him if I get one from the library? Would that make you feel better?
Skyler: Yes Mommy.
Me: Now GO to bed!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKY!!! WE LOVE YOU!! and i am loving the belly picture too!!! too cute.


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