Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend w/ pictures...

We had a busy weekend which was expected given what's going on this month!

Friday after work I got my hair cut, short! Skyler loved it, Zack HATED it and declared that I'm not allowed to change anything ever. I didn't really expect anything different from him. Zack and Matt went to the hockey game and Skyler and I had a girls' night with Amy. We had sushi, which Skyler loved, and shopped at our favorite place TARGET!

Saturday morning the loves let me sleep in since we had a 12pm basketball game. This was SUCH a fun game. The things they've been learning are starting to come together and the kids AND parents are having a wonderful time. That's Zack, number 8:


After the game I made the family run a ton of errands with me. See my previous post and just imagine all sorts of Baby Shower and Birthday Party errands. It wasn't until 3:00 that I wanted to kill the three of them. They did pretty good this time. We even made a stop at a local park:


Skyler had been begging Amy to have a sleep over so Zack and I dropped her off over there (click here for sleepover pics) and tried for a mother/son night. We walked the mall looking for slip-on Vans with flames which Zack's friend has but apparently do not exist in any shopping venue in our area. Later we went home and snuggled up to watch Scooby-Doo movies in Mom's bed. When Matt got home from another Hockey game we antagonized him by sending funny text messages to his phone. Oh we were also totally entranced by this contest on the Food Network of these pastry chefs who had to make wearable dresses out of chocolate. Pretty Cool!

Sunday was quiet. The boys played Wii. If Daddy won the game they were playing, Zack had to help clean the downstairs. If Zack won, he didn't have to help. Guess who won? Zack of course, anything to get out of manual labor. He high-tailed it to his room where he hates to be alone and waited it out. Mike, Amy, and Skyler came home for dinner. We got to have a nice big family dinner which we all miss doing!

All in all it was a great weekend. We all got to play, rest, eat, watch some movies, and enjoy each other's company.

Oh one more thing, Skyler is tying her own shoes before her brother. Zack can't be bothered because he likes his laces JUST so and he can't do it. He just cuts out the middle man instead of giving it a try and then having me fix them, he just has us tie them. But Skyler, my girl, is a super shoe tier.

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  1. I can't believe how big the kids are getting! I can't wait for this summer!!

    and I love your hair too!!


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