Monday, February 04, 2008


When did February turn into "The Month of the Insane Schedule"? I can't quite figure out how so many events in my life conspired to all occur during the shortest month of the year, but they have. My calendar is jam packed and I get a little worked up if I can't find it. I am personally hosting/throwing/organizing two baby showers, a birthday party for a five year old, and a blood drive. I have eight friends/family with birthdays this month, two dentist appointments, 3 basketball games, 7 basketball practices, one basketball photo shoot, one book fair, and a multi-cultural home art project for Zack. YIKES! I don't even want to think of the fact that both kids' soccer practices will start before the end of the month. What I haven't marked in the calendar can't stress me out, right?

My address at the end of the month may be the local loony bin. I think Britney has the right idea!


  1. WOW that is alot!! have fun with all that.

  2. Dust off your "Super Mom" cape! Just so you know, we all appreciate you dearly for everything you do. Me doubly so - especially for the baby showers.

  3. Just so you know - I wasn't bitching about the showers. I LOVE it!

    Oh and Skyler saw your picture just now and said "is that OUR Amy or a differen Amy"? How many Amys (plural of Amy?) does she know that look like you?


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