Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Beginning of March Babble...

I can't believe it's March 4th and I haven't posted yet. Yowza! I haven't been on the computer in three days (the internets almost collapsed without my support) because I have a massive pounding headache. Is it a sinus infection? Is it a migraine? You'd think four hours in the doctors office would tell ya, but nope, they're going to treat it as both and "come back next week"... So now I have some antibiotics, a decongestant, and some pain pills. The pain pills almost work, but they make me all loopy so I'm not taking them at work. Have I ever mentioned that I'm allergic to almost every pain medication? I'm down to one that can be taken in pill form - let's see if I develop an allergy to this one too. I'm screwed if I ever need to have surgery or break something.

We had another beautiful weekend. We've definitely got the March Winds but they're warm so the kids are playing basketball outside, digging in the dirt, and finding new ways to get into trouble.

Zack's basketball team won by 1 point in the last 5 seconds of the game on Saturday. His teammate who had been out due to surgery for tonsillitis made an awesome shot and had all the parents whooping and cheering. Who knew that six year old basketball could be so fun? Zack's team played against one of his classmates teams. They were really good natured about it though:


After the game we played at the school playground a little:
Skyler didn't really have fun.

She was a whiny grump!

Sunday we hung around the house nursing my headache. Mike and Amy came over in the afternoon. We're all holding vigil waiting for Nate. We had a nice family dinner and discovered love for a new card game.

We have been encouraging Skyler to set out her clothes for the next day the night before. This tends to make mornings easier. It has the added side effect of catching her at her most creative. This is the outfit she came up with for today:
Those aren't tights, they are a larger person's knee highs and say "Skye" on top. On her they're thigh highs. She was QUITE proud of herself.

AND if you can believe it, I snapped a pic of Zack, ALMOST smiling. I usually get the hand over his face or his tongue sticking out. I caught him this morning as he was putting his sweatshirt on.
It's not quite a smile, but I'll take it.

Last but not least, I don't think I posted all of Skyler's bday pics. I figured you'd get sick of them, but here's a little slideshow:


  1. how fun. i cant wait to do the sports thing. he looks so cute!! and poor sky, she just wants to play with the boys.

    any sports in the summertime?

  2. I KNOW! It's freakin March 4th and I've been compulsively checking for new blog posts! I love reading about what's new in your world. ALthough we see and talk to each other a lot, there's just not time enough to talk about EVERYTHING. Love the b-ball pics. Glad he's enjoying it.

    Oh - can I tell you how much I love tetherball? I was the champ in elementary school. I used to like to hit it so hard that someone would get hit in the head with it. Hmmm... maybe something I shouldn't share - my evilness ;)

  3. She is too cute. I love her outfit. My daughter had those boots and wore through 3 pairs of them before they quit making them.
    Too cute!


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