Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday - the crazy weekend begins!

The next 20 hours should be hectic. This is the last week that winter and spring sports overlap. Skyler has soccer practice tonight. Both kids have soccer games tomorrow morning and Zack also has a basketball game. He should be completely worn out by about 2:00pm. Plus, Matt's going to bring them to the Hockey game tonight. If we can manage to get where we're supposed to be tomorrow, and have all the equipment we're supposed to have when we get there - we should be good by afternoon.
Check her out - she did that all herself. The pink part is a skirt that she layered under. The skirt happens to have shorts attached so at the very least her butt was very warm yesterday. She was sure to be fully accessorized with beads as well. I'm going to have to start saving for her wardrobe for when she's a teenager. I have a feeling we aren't going to be able to afford her.

Matt went to pick Sky up yesterday afternoon and he's gone an extra long time. They come through the front door and Sky stomps to her room. Matt comes in and gives me an "Incident Report". Apparently Skyler was playing with her girlfriends and her little friend Zachary wanted to play with her. She wasn't interested so she hit him in the eye. She and Zachary are buddies in the same class, Zachary is in LOVE with her. He's extremely persistant in his affections. Skyler only has eyes for the older boys. Matt and I grounded her while trying to keep a straight face. We've always known that she was going to be beating them off with sticks, we just didn't think it was going to be when she was five. Our Zack was completely thrilled that his sister was grounded. He WAS disappointed that it was only for two days when his are usually for a week. I had to explain that you get a light sentence the first time. In our house you get grounded from technology. Normally this wouldn't bother her in the least, but just the day before I had picked up a purple tinkerbelle mp3 player with the gift card her Aunt Jessie & Uncle Jeff (Thanks Guys) sent her for her birthday. She was more than a little upset that she couldn't listen to it.

I don't have much new news about Zack. He's plugging along doing great in First Grade. He has his next Gifted Resources test on March 17th. I'm not sure how long after that til we hear whether he's entered into the Gifted Resources program. Did I mention how proud we are? He's really into Captain Underpants and the Magic Tree House books. Most nights are too busy for reading time, but we try. He's happy to try himself too.

I'm off to start my weekend - be sure to take time to enjoy yours!

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