Thursday, March 20, 2008

Grandparents, don't freak out! It's only temporary!

Zack has a new "do". I've been begging and begging him to let us cut his hair. I think he's been going for that skater boy look, see recent previous posts as evidence.

Yesterday he agreed that we could cut his hair if he could have a...


He actually looks pretty cute. We made him agree that if it's a distraction in school he has to cut it. He was pretty proud of himself. I think it's pretty funny because this is the kid that would never even let us spike his hair at all. I hope he has a good day!

Matt was a very proud Papa yesterday. I'm wavering between being proud and being angry that rules weren't followed. Matt got a call from Zack's after school program yesterday asking him to come right away that there had been another "incident". Matt was immediately fired up because we don't think there is sufficient guidance/discipline etc at this program. Matt gets there and works everything out then calls me and says "Zack's not in trouble with us I'll tell you about it when you get home".

Apparently an older child was teasing Zack and his friend David and smacked their two heads together so Zack punched him in the mouth. The kid hit the floor crying and had a bloody tooth. Matt was over the moon proud that Zack stood up for himself to an older child and knocked him to the ground and irritated with the after-school program that it got to that point. They agreed that Zack should have told them rather than punching the other child, but that he wasn't in any further trouble. Have any of you seen the meat-hooks that my child has for hands? I'm sure it hurt! We didn't have any of this proud parent discussion in front of Zack.

I asked Zack for his version of the story again. I asked him how he felt when the older child picked on him and what was going through his head when he hit him. We agreed that sometimes when you're being picked on it's hard to remember to stop and tell the teacher but that he should continue to try his best to walk away and find an adult. I asked him how he felt when the other child was hurt and he said he felt bad and even said he was sorry but that he was still angry that the bigger kid was picking on him. It was a good talk and I am proud of him, more for seeing what the problem was than for punching another child.

And Grandpa - he did get an ice cream last night ;-)

Oh one last thing, we got to see Baby Nate (see how Mike & Amy have now taken a back seat) again last night. He was such a perfect little peanut. He slept through most of dinner and then happily took his bottle without a peep. When we got back to our house Skyler couldn't wait to hold him and I pretty much monopolized him the whole time they visited. If I'm only going to see the little sweetheart twice a week I'm going to hold him the whole time - that's what Aunties do!


  1. Let me just say I LOVE THE HAIR!! And go Zack for sticking up for himself!!

  2. Baby Nate was fussy all night and today!

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  4. There comes a time when you have to seperate being a parent of a child and a father of a son. That moment happened when Zack told me he "Jaw-Jacked" an older kid straight to the deck for picking on Zack. I did all the appropiate parent things, but as a father ther was the pat on the back and the fist pump of excitement. "WE are MOLNARS,DON"T MESS with US!!!!!!!!!"


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