Monday, March 31, 2008

Our weekend in review...

Friday night Matt coerced/guilted me in to going to a Hockey game with the family. He's been taking the kids all season and I've always found a reason to back out (look the sky is blue, I can't go). The kids got all excited and so I only bitched and moaned the entire car ride there, but was pretty good once we got there. Skyler acted like my little tour guide, telling me where to go and what to do. The verdict? It was like every other hockey game I went to when I was younger, I was bored. The kids WERE good though and I did get to catch up with my friend Jenn who I haven't seen in awhile so despite the record 5 bathroom trips Skyler had to make I did have an enjoyable time. As we walked outside, someone exclaimed "what a nice night!", it had been 85 degrees earlier, then CRASH a giant flash of lighting and the skies opened up and DUMPED rain down on us. To say it was pouring is a drastic understatement. We backtracked a bit, changed our route to get to our car via a covered surface and then RAN for it. Because it was so warm, it was actually pretty fun. We were all soaked, but laughing.

Saturday was crazy soccer day number 3, the fun part was that it was 45 degrees out. Zack had his soccer pictures at 9:15. For some reason the league chose a location that decided that the kids couldn't wear their cleats inside. So there were 100 shoeless soccer players running around the waiting area and they had to have their pictures taken that way. Craziness. Then Matt and I split up. Matt took Skyler to her game for 10:00 where she scored 6 goals and according to Daddy played very very well. I took Zack to his game for 10:30 where he also played very well. He and his teammates are learning positions and are doing great with it. The only problem is that Zack doesn't want to play defender - he wants to score. He got one goal. He has played with the same kids for four seasons and I love the way they give each other high fives when they score, and work together to pass the ball and really encourage each other. It's amazing how far they've come. Matt made it to the second half of Zack's game in time to do some sideline coaching for which all the mothers harassed him about. It was a fun and crazy morning!

Saturday night Skyler and I got to babysit sweet Baby Nate. He was adorable. We all got some snuggle time in. Mike and Amy got to have a nice quiet dinner and a movie.

Sunday was lazy day. We didn't do anything until about 1:00 when I made the extremely poor decision to bring the family grocery shopping with me. That was a roughly $80.00 mistake. What the heck was I thinking? You don't bring your kids and your husband to the grocery store. Do you know how much crap I bought that I never would have if they weren't with me? A LOT! We had family dinner with Mike and Amy later. Matt was in HEAVEN because Mike made pot roast. I think he can now die happy!

Now it's Monday and on we go...

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