Thursday, April 10, 2008

Afternoon update (because I have one)...

So I walked outside at lunchtime and my eyes couldn't adjust to the brightness.  There was a huge orange ball glowing in the sky.  Speaking of the sky, it had miraculously changed to a bright blue color.  Amazing.  Hey, you know what happens here when it's been wet for weeks and the sun suddenly comes out hot and strong?  Humidity, sticky, wet humidity.  It's like a sauna here right now.  Joy!  On the plus side, I guarantee that by tomorrow everything will be green and flowering.  Pretty Spring is on its way!

Okay I'm trying out a new program that lets me change the font.  Dig it?  We'll see how it goes.  I'm fond of different fonts, but sometimes they aren't so readable.

So remember this morning when I mentioned that Zack wanted to have a play date with Caroline this weekend?  I sort of downplayed that a bit.  He was actually acting as though his life just might depend on it, for sure he feels that the future health and happiness of his heart is riding on it.  Well I emailed Caroline's Mom and mmmm, yeah, they're busy on Sunday.  I was kind of thinking they might be, they've got family in town, but I was hoping for my son's sake that they were free.  I'm dreading going home and telling him.  He's SO looking forward to this.  How do you keep your child from feeling that aching feeling in their chest?  I'm just hoping he's gotten over it a bit today.  Wish us luck with this one!  Maybe I can distract him with birthday party planning?

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  1. im so jealous of your sun!! and the fact that its over 70!!! TEAR.....its not raining yet but the sky looks like its going to dump just in time to get Noah from school.

    I can't believe Zack bday is almost here!!!


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