Monday, April 28, 2008

Blood Sweat & Tears...

And NO I don't mean the band, I mean a 7 year old's birthday party.

Somewhere in the Super Cool Mom part of my brain I thought it would be a great idea for Zack to have three friends sleep over. I even thought that four boys was a good number, because odd numbers leaves someone out. We decided that Matt & his friend Tom would take the boys to Laser Quest then home for dinner, make your own ice cream sundae, movie and video games, and bed. Wellll, that's not exactly what went down.

It was a hot day and as the boys showed up, they were playing outside, getting wilder and wilder. They were SUPER excited to play Laser Tag and they were using up tons of excited energy. Matt decided to call Laser Quest to determine if they were full - welllll, apparently it's better if you make reservations. Who knew? Certainly not Super Mom. It ended up that they couldn't take the group until Sunday morning. The boys were disappointed but except for Zack, were pretty good natured about it. We told them we'd have dinner and then take them to the big city park and then do Laser Quest in the morning. We sent them to the back yard to wait for hot dogs. Apparently that's when they decided to let out the frustrations. We heard Zack scream, Matt ran around from the front yard and yelled for me. I came around and I see Zack with his hand over his eye and blood POURING down his face. Matt grabbed my arm and told me to calm down, it wasn't that bad. I tend to panic when it's my own kid. Thankfully Medic Mike was at the house. I started hollering for him and Amy went out to his car to get his Medic Bag. Mike was taking a look and getting a handle on things when Nurse Jenn stopped by with her son's clothes for the night. She and Mike attended the wounded and determined that he'd need stitches. Zack was NOT pleased with this idea AT ALL.

We gathered up his buddy, Zebra, and his DS and headed over to urgent care. While we were doing that Matt got out of the boys that one of them slammed the back gate while Zack was walking through and it caught him just right. Why do boys have to do everything with force, slamming, throwing, running? Zack was in tears the whole time, he was terrified to get stitches. They took him right back and agreed that he'd need one maybe two stitches. He curled up in my lap (he's a BIG kid, this wasn't easy) and was just shaking. He had tears pouring down his cheeks and he was begging me to agree that he didn't need stitches. We finally talked him into cooperating and promised we'd tell him about each step. He was stiff as a board on the table. The first step was the numbing needle and we told him it would be a pinch and then a little sting. I was leaning over his upper torso and holding his hands in mine for him to squeeze. They stuck the needle in and the doc said, "that's the worst part". Dude totally relaxed, his whole body untensed (is that a word?) and he had this "is that it?" look on his face. He asked "is that the worst part?". The doc confirmed, Zack looked at me and said "MOM, it's not so bad, it doesn't even hurt". After that he was a super trooper and we got two stitches in there in minutes.

The wound:

eyes SO red from crying

terrified and so NOT amused by my picture taking:

Two stitches:


I made all the boys ice cream sundaes when we got home. It was almost 9:00 and they were still pretty wound up. I got them settled and in their jammies for The Goonies. Two of them fell asleep right away, Zack ended up needing extra Mom time, and B. wanted to go home. Matt and I were WIPED OUT! They all had a BLAST at Laser Quest and then we were jello for the rest of the weekend.

The most asked question of the weekend "What were you thinking?". WELL, Super Mom's don't always think things through...


  1. I guess this is what I have to look forward to- we have avoided stitches so far in our household. I know I went to sleepovers as a kid, but the more I hear about them the less I want to have one in my own house. There is always a kid who wants to go home.

  2. BroCode Article 2:
    It's only funny until someone gets hurt, then it becomes HILARIOUS!!!
    I am glad he's brave enough to be curious about what happens to him. There is always wonder in learning...and I told you no need to intervene with boys until someone gets hurt. Didn't think it would actually happen. TeeHee.


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