Friday, April 04, 2008

Man vs. Post Office

Matt has today off. He graciously didn't complain when I asked him to go the Post Office to mail his parents' birthday gifts and an international package for me. What I have learned from this experience is that I don't ask Matt to do enough errands. He learns well and becomes an expert as he goes, but I guess he's never been to the post office and he rarely does errands while toting a chatterbox 5 year old dressed in pajamas.

So I chose the gifts, showed them to Matt, wrapped the gifts, bought the cards, packaged the gifts I could, addressed the packages, and put everything in a nice pile including an extra roll of tape in case he needed it when he got there. One pile needed a box. I explained exactly where to get it in the lobby of the post office.

Matt and Skyler got to the post office and arrived at the counter with the pile. He had an envelope to mail, call wife for address, mail envelope, check. He needed a small box for the pile without one, "Honey we don't package that for you - the boxes are over there (points across lobby)". Matt attempts to put items in a box, but got all fuddled and the clerk had to help him, she asks if he comes here often, assuming that he does not. The international package was in the incorrect box (my fault) so that one couldn't go. The rest came to $5.01. Matt couldn't find his wallet, so he ran out to the car. The wallet wasn't there but he came up with a $5.00 bill and the clerk kindly gave him a penny. I'm sure she was thanking him for not showing up at 4:30 that afternoon when there was a line out the lobby. This entire process only took 3 phone calls to my cell.

My theory is that if I sent him on more errands like this one, he'd have more success as time went on. What do you think? I think he's exhausted and done for the day - it's 9:17 am. Skyler has been chattering non-stop since 5am. This is the same child who we have to drag out of bed each day at 6:30 when she's going to school. I'm sure she'll drive her Dad completely nuts today!

Thanks Honey! You tried!

ETA - And THEN he locked himself out of the house. I had to go rescue them. I know that I'M enjoying Matt's day off! Honey - go back to work!


  1. ah good ol matt. thats a great story! i can just see his face too!

  2. Here is my defense........ The post office can be very confusing with all the priority this and next day that. I think the last time I was in a post office was over a year ago and that was to pick some thing up. ( that's easy) Remember this.... some times it is not how we get there, just that we did get there. All packages are currently on there way to their proper locations and the is post woman right now recovering with hard liquor. Your welcome!!!!!!

    P.S. Everyone have a good laugh on me!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, Matt. You're always good for a laugh. Amanda, next time just send Skyler.

  4. Well, now, I commend Matt for even agreeing to attempt the post office. Let's just say that your Uncle has nine months until he retires from his current day job and LAWD help us as he starts his training as our new house bitch. So, far he's just one big fat training failure! LOL


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