Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Monday...

My Monday morning posts aren't exactly exciting now that soccer season is in full swing. Are you sick of hearing about it yet? Tough - I'm a Soccer Mom until mid-May, you'll just have to love it like I do.

Friday night was practice for Skyler. Thankfully we had fantastic weather. The kids had a blast playing soccer - Matt came up with some great games for them to play - and then they had fun playing at the playground for a little while afterwards.

The kids adore Matt but he has to get WAY down to get on their level:

She can tie her own shoe but prefers when someone else does it. Here she gets Coach Melissa to tie her shoe:

Why must boys make everything dangerous?

Zack and one of HIS teammates that has a sister on Sky's team:

A rare Zack capture:

Later we met friends for dinner. They have a son Zack's age. Our favorite pizza place didn't have a table for 8 so we let the boys sit at their own table across from us. They were giggling and being silly. There was an elderly couple sitting next to them and we kept shushing the boys thinking they were being a nuisance. Matt finally went over and spoke to the couple and apologized. They said that they were so enjoying watching the boys be boys and that we shouldn't apologize but let them be young. What a breath of fresh air that was. You don't often hear things like that. It really made us smile!

Saturday Skyler's game was first. Zack was anxious to get running around so he warmed her team up by playing 10 on 1 with them. It was cute and I got a few pictures of my two playing together:

Skyler got a great goal but this is the picture I caught:

That's her behind the other team's coach. :-(

Snack time:

After Sky's game we raced over to Zack's. I so enjoy watching The Thundercats play this season. They have gotten really serious and really LOVE the game.

Skyler and her little friends are the mascots. Each of them has an older sibling on Zack's team:

Later Saturday Skyler and I had a girly afternoon. We went and got our toes done. She was in HEAVEN and the place I go to only charges me $3 to do her nails. Check out my piggies:

Later we got lunch and I made the mistake of bringing Sky with me to look at shoes. She got three pair - I got one pair of flip-flops. I had to talk her out of the "sassy" gold lame ones but I think I made her happy. She was calling all the hooker shoes sassy and begging to buy them. I had to do some fancy talking. We settled for bronze sparkly flip flops made for children.

The boys went to open skate because Zack didn't get enough exercise in the morning. He ice skated for 2 and a half hours and then needed to go in Cameron's hot tub to relax - it's tough being almost 7.

Sunday we had brunch with Mike, Amy & Nate. We made enough food for an army and something different for everyone - it was delicious!




  1. ok i just woke up and havent had my coffee yet, but i just freaked out. i thought that was a picture of skys toes. i was like how cute she got a sticker that looks like a tattoo, wait that is a TATTOO!!! then realized it was your tattoo and your foot!!

  2. These are great! Glad to see the kids are enjoying their sports. Nate and Sky are so cute together. I can't wait until our new niece, Olivia "Livie" arrives. Alex is getting so ready to be a big brother. May 9th is the big day.

    All of us will be thinking of ya this weekend as we're all heading to Erin's bridal shower.


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