Monday, April 07, 2008


Remember the show Cheers and the way everyone would shout "NORM" when Norm walked into the bar? That's us when we walk into our neighborhood pizza place. Friday nights after Skyler's soccer practice we go out for pizza. Zack was in a particularly foul mood because the laser beams of parental attention were not on him for the one hour that Skyler's team practiced. He was grumbling and grouching when we had to wait a few minutes for a table. Thankfully he made friends with a little girl named Bailey who was also toting a Nintendo DS. Did you know that kids can link these things up and play against each other? They can also TEXT message. Holy Crap! They pushed some buttons, synced up with each other, played some games, and sent some messages. They were happier than pigs in poop. Then Bailey and her family were seated for dinner. Did you know that Ds's have range? They continued to play across the dining room. We ended up sitting next to them a few minutes later so the kids were nicely distracted and got down right giddy when they found a third child at another table to link up as well. The waitresses and other patrons were in awe. I'm getting old - we didn't have this cool shit when I was a kid. I mean it wasn't tin cans and a string or anything but...

Saturday was rainy but soccer was on. Zack's game was at 8am. The Thunder Cats are really getting to be a fantastic team. They've learned so much and are really working together nicely. Skyler was a hoot. She came to Zack's game but was dressed for hers. I knew how wet it would be and wanted to avoid the whining of having wet cleats so I started her out dressed in pink rain boots with her soccer uniform. I liked it (pictures coming later). Her game was a lot of fun too. It was sprinkling and her fields were REALLY wet. One of the fields that the really little kids played on was all mud. It was warm enough that the parents just went with it. There were more than a couple of kids that left in head to toe brown uniforms. I couldn't stop laughing. Skyler's field had a trench of water near the end - the little munchkins kept kicking the ball down there and Matt kept having to retrieve it. He finally just gave up on having dry socks and shoes and went sloshing through the puddles. I laughed my head off through the whole game.

Saturday evening Zack and I went on a date to see Horton Hears a Who - totally adorable movie. I enjoyed having Mother/Son time as well. Skyler and Matt went to the last home Hockey game and came home with all sorts of give-aways and treats.

Sunday was a lazy day - it was rainy and cold. We cleaned up a bunch of toy clutter and played rainy day games. Mike, Amy, and Nate came for dinner. The best part was that Mike made us Fried Ice Cream.

We had never tried it before and OMG - it was crazy delicious. Zack actually said "I wish this would never end". A compliment like that coming from the "Official Grump of the House" is HUGE. It's a lot of work so we probably can't talk Mike into making it often but - wowzers what a treat. We'll need to have it again sometime soon.

Last but not least, I'd like to say a very special Happy Anniversary to my brother and sister in law, Ben & Lashelle! They're a fantastic couple! Have fun celebrating another great year together guys~


  1. THANKS AMANDA!! Sounds like soccer was a blast. Will the games be over by the time we arrive?

  2. Glad the 'Cats are doing well. Must be the solid foundation they were given when the team started...
    And that ice cream dish looks good. How does that guy do it? Luv to know.


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